A simple, secure way to store and recover your cryptocurrency keys with the help of the people you trust.

How it works

No more paper keys.
Introducing secure private key recovery for your cryptocurrency wallets.

Local encryption keeps your keys safe

KeySplit encrypts your seed phrase locally on your device before it ever touches the internet. This means your key is never exposed to hackers or anyone else who may have access to your network.

Splitting your key

After encrypting your seed phrase, we split it into five pieces ("shards"). Each shard is worthless by itself, but by combining any three shards with your password, you can recreate your seed phrase.

Share with trusted contacts

You share each of the five shards with a different trusted contact. If you ever lose your seed phrase, any three people can send you their shard, so you can recreate your phrase.

Time-tested encryption

The encryption protocols we use at KeySplit have been around for years. In cryptography, this is a good thing. It means our algorithms are well-tested and have been safely used in many other situations & products.

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